United Kingdom PMI took a nose dive, the pound plunged more than 100 points

Released in early Europe United Kingdom July services PMI and the Manufacturing PMI fell sharply, both the lowest years; Sterling plunged more than 100 points, refresh the session low of 1.3165; euro against the pound soared 50? ? points, refreshing 0.8373 higher poor PMI data show that the United Kingdom has begun to impact the economy or exit, or increase the United Kingdom Central Bank easing chances drop pounds.

1xbet economic times, specific data, United Kingdom July services PMI initial recorded have 47.4, March 2009 yilai minimum and create maximum declined records, than expected and more Qian value sharply declined, expected for 48.8, Qian value for 52.3; July Manufacturing PMI initial recorded have 49.1, create February 2013 to minimum level, good Yu expected but far than Qian value, expected for 48.7, Qian value for 52.1; July integrated PMI initial recorded have 47.7, create 7 years minimum level, sharply than expected and Qian value, expected for 49.0, Qian value for 52.4. Published by the United Kingdom PMI manufacturing and services fell sharply earlier were, show that the United Kingdom exit may have begun on the United Kingdom economic impact.

Last week United Kingdom banks sit on their hands and said it would further observe the United Kingdom off the economic impact of European, the PMI data released by poor performance, could increase the United Kingdom Central Bank easing chances and bad pounds. 1xbet pointed out that the United Kingdom PMI data dropped, indicated that in the United Kingdom after the exit, the economy seems to be shrinking at the fastest rate since the financial crisis. Markit Chief Economist, Williams said, regardless of whether the economic downturn is in the form of cancellation of orders is the lack of new orders showed, it is because the United Kingdom caused by the exit; since the United Kingdom’s new Prime Minister took office, PMI data had improved, but data will continue to improve next month is still unknown. Policy makers hope to launch stimulus to see how important data reflecting the economic situation, PMI data is proof.